Nick Richard

Executive Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) St. Tammany

Throughout my 10 years as Executive Director at the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) St. Tammany, it has been apparent that Mr. Reid Falconer has been concerned about the quality of life including the healthcare of our community members.

With the pending and eventual closure of Southeast Louisiana Hospital in Mandeville, LA and as the Chair of the St. Tammany Parish Council, I found Mr. Falconer hugely supportive of keeping appropriate behavioral health services available in our area.

The most recent legislation sponsored by Representative Falconer, Act 450 of the 2018 legislative session, supported the creation of a Zero Suicide initiative. This is the first of its kind in Louisiana, which seeks to establish a statewide plan to prevent people from losing their life to suicide. This bill is a much needed step in the right direction to impact positive change. 

I thank Representative Falconer for being an accessible, caring individual and for all his hard work to protect the quality of life for the citizens of St. Tammany Parish.

Chris Perez


Respect is earned not merely handed out. Reid Falconer earned my respect and trust. I'm a strength and condition specialist, and I had the pleasure of working with Reid. During our training sessions, I had the opportunity to meet the man behind the scenes. Reid is a charismatic, hard worker who gives maximum effort into everything he does.


His wife Celeste and children are all genuine caring people. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with Reid. I learned so much from him, and I had a great time in the process. We need more honest and hardworking men like Reid. We support Reid Falconer as our candidate for State Senate.

Elizabeth Beck

Owner/Manager BTS Professional Services

Having known Reid Falconer and his family for several years, I have observed personally his love for his family, friends and his state and country.


His integrity is without question, and his dedication to the issues that affect us all is deep. I fully support him in this run for State Senator and am proud to support him!

Merrill Wautlet


Descriptions of public officials can be hyperbole ridden and littered with platitudes. You can say a particular candidate is a great spouse, parent, and friend. That they are honest and serve for the right reasons. In a lot of cases said descriptors end up being an exaggeration. In the case of Reid Falconer they are not.

Reid is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather. He is a faithful man and true to his word. If he is your friend then you have the best he can offer because he will be your friend in good times and bad.

He serves because he wants our state to be better. He serves because to do so is in keeping with the fundamental principles of God and Country.Principles he believes in wholeheartedly. 

He is all of the above and more. In over 20 years I have never seen him waver. He stays true to his beliefs and his moral code is steadfast. I was with him when he first contemplated seeking public office. I urged him not to, that it would be a frustrating experience with little thanks from those he would represent. I’m thankful that he did not listen to me.

Don’t vote for Reid Falconer to help him. Vote for Reid because in doing so you help our state and yourself.

Kurt M. Evans, P.E.

CEO at Digital Engineer & Imaging, Inc.

Serving as our state representative, Mr. Reid Falconer has been a great asset to the architectural/engineering/ construction (A/E/C) industry. Reid's experience as a professional architect working in the A/E/C field brings valuable insight and leadership to the construction community in our state.


Reid has sponsored amendments to the existing Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) Bill, which makes the use of the bill easier and more available to government identities. As Reid understands, the CMAR Bill gives government a procurement alternative to expedite complex projects for infrastructure and facility construction.


With Reid Falconer serving in the state senate, Louisiana will possess the knowledge of the A/E/C industry to guide our state forward for a bright future.

Michael Norman

I have known Reid for many years. He is truly a person of integrity. Certainly the type of person we need in Baton Rouge!

Dottie Davis

Physician Coder, MEDKODER, LLC

I had the privilege of working with Reid on new legislation (Act 226), that protects individuals with developmental disabilities, their parents, tutors, and curators, by setting limitations of liability caused by the individual. Reid was our Champion for this cause, and he worked very hard with the House and Senate to get this bill passed into law.


His passion and desire to be the voice of those who have none is outstanding. Reid’s personal faith, character, and values he stands for are exactly what we need in the leadership roles of our House and Senate. I am honored to call Reid my friend, and will always support his efforts in our community and state.

Susan Madden

Retired STSB teacher

Having lived in Mandeville for going on 40 years, I have watched it grow from a sleepy little town into a paradise for raising a family. One person who has worked endlessly to make Mandeville a vibrant city is Reid Falconer. I have had the privilege of sharing memories with Reid and Celeste within church and our community. Reid has worked tirelessly in both volunteer and elected capacities.


As a 30 year public school teacher in Mandeville, Reid has been my go to guy for all questions and concerns. Reid has done an outstanding job as our state representative. His impeccable reputation has earned him much recognition. What a blessing it will be for our entire state to see Reid Falconer elected as our new state senator!

John Bruhl


I have been fortunate to have as my friend Reid Falconer for approximately the last thirty years.  His attributes are that he is good hearted, he cares about people, he is very honest, he is a fighter,  and he is very moral with a very high sense of integrity. 


Quite unusual for what most people think of as a politician.  I've known Reid in many parts of his life as an individual, businessman, family man, and politician.  The attributes I listed above are in every fiber of the life of Reid Falconer.  I have been blessed to have as a friend, Reid Falconer.

Karen B. Morgan

Real Estate Agent at Gulf States Real Estate

Mr. Reid Falconer and I formally met after my 19-year-old son passed away unexpectedly. He worked diligently with me to get the law “Duty to Assist passed, which holds an individual accountable for not calling 911 when a friend is in distress.


From the moment I met him, I instantly knew that he was a man of integrity and character. As we worked together for almost an entire year before the bill was passed, his outstanding qualities as a human being proved over and over again.


I have the upmost respect for him as a man of God, an incredible family man and a true leader in our community.

Ryan Nelson


I knew Reid when he was a St. Tammany Parish Councilman. He is very committed to staying engaged with young professionals. He will always take time to listen to what you have to say and will provide you insight on what you need to do. Also, I live in Lake Charles and every time I see him at the Capital in Baton Rouge he always ask me how I am doing and we always take a picture.


He has worked hard to get to where he was at, but has never forgot where he came from.

Ginger Corkern


In 40 years of activity in politics, I’ve met hundreds of candidates & elected officials. Some, very few actually, have a presence & personality that draws me to work for them & support them whether I am in their district & can vote for them or not.


I’m so pleased that one of those people, Reid Falconer, is a candidate for Louisiana State Senator. His integrity, genuine interest & investment of energy in his constituents, and a sincere dedication to bringing our state to a much better status in all areas, has been rewarding to see in action, and gives me renewed hope for our future.

Julia Burden

President, Interim HealthCare of Southeast Louisiana

I am honored to endorse Reid Falconer for Senate. He is the most energetic and responsive public servant I have ever seen. If you have a problem, he will do his best to get it fixed quickly.


Several years ago I had an issue with the post office who refused to deliver my mail because their truck had gouged such a big hole in front of the mailbox they were having trouble maneuvering it. They said that I was responsible for fixing the road. I explained that it is a state road, and that I have no road construction experience. They insisted. I called Reid, who was then on the parish council, to see what he could do.


By the time I got home, he had some men there fixing the problem. I will never forget this. I have had several other problems, and even though I am not presently in his district, he has always made an effort to help. I support him 100%.

Cynthia S. Thompson

2017 Chair of the Board of the West

St Tammany Chamber of Commerce

It has been an honor to work with Reid as he truly has the needs of his constituents at the forefront of any actions he takes. He has been easily accessible and open about the problems in the Legislature.


He is committed to helping our state move forward and attract jobs for the betterment of our communities. He has my vote.

Jean M. Champagne

Sr. VP U.S. Trust

Reid has been a good friend for many years, with whom I have served on a number of community boards and commissions, including the Northshore Business Council, St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce, and Northshore Legislative Alliance.


He has been a tireless and staunch advocate for conservative principles as a volunteer and then as a Parish Councilman and State Representative. Reid is a man of faith and strong ethics, and there is no one that I would trust more to represent me as a State Senator.

Leanne Truehart, M.D.

Psychiatrist & President-Elect, Northlake-Mandeville Rotary Club

Reid Falconer is a man of the ages. A society is most fortunate to have among it a person who has character, wisdom, discernment, and genuineness. Even more rare is a society who is blessed to have one with these characteristics who is willing to endure the challenge and scrutiny to run as a candidate for public office. Reid Falconer is that rare individual who is inspired to lead not for self-aggrandizement or personal gain, but rather by a higher mission to manage the God-given gifts of St. Tammany Parish and the great state of Louisiana in a responsible and prudent way.

There are several traits about Reid that one may not know about him if you don’t know him personally. He has a tremendous passion for history, especially local history, and has an understanding how past events have contributed to forming our own unique local customs. He has a great fondness for French and actively studies to improve his knowledge of this beautiful language and French culture which is so intertwined with Louisiana’s history.
Reid is an architect by trade and also a member of the Freemasons which is ironic given that the organization was started by stonemasons hundreds of years ago, the people who built buildings and cathedrals. Reid exemplifies the four virtues of freemasonry including temperance, fortitude, prudence, and justice. Often when leading a prayer, he calls upon God as “the Great Architect of the Universe”.


Reid has been a member of Rotary Club with perfect attendance for 28 years! If Reid is out of town, he makes certain to attend a meeting in the city or county he is visiting and spread the goodwill of the people of Louisiana. His life and sacrifices made are the embodiment of the Rotarian motto “Service Above Self”.

Reid is a loving son, husband, father, and grandfather. He is dependable, gracious, witty, and levelheaded. He will represent our district admirably.
Mr. Reid Falconer has my strongest recommendation and endorsement for the office of Senator of Louisiana’s 11th District.

Jason Durham


I was advocating for a medical bill for individuals with epilepsy in Louisiana. Not only did Reid off his support, he came and presented testimony before the Health and Welfare committee on behalf of the bill and on behalf of individuals throughout the state of Louisiana! 

He consistently shows not only his support through his actions for those with medical concerns but he shows he cares as a whole for the citizens of the state.

Thank you Reid for all you do!

Sharon Toups


Reid leads with honesty and integrity. If he tells you he will do something, you can trust him to get the job done.

Reid is knowledgeable about the issues facing Louisiana, and he will fight for the needs of our parish.

Antonio “Tony” Le Mon

Retired First Asst District Attorney for

St. Tammany

I wholeheartedly endorse Reid for re-election. In the 4 years that he has served the citizens of St Tammany Parish and this State, I have found Reid to be a Representative passionate about the issues important to our citizens.


He has tremendous listening skills and always educates himself on any piece of legislation in which his vote is taken, whether sponsored by him or another legislator. He has strong Christian values and has authored legislation to help those less fortunate in our community.


It is truly my honor to encourage our citizens to please vote to elect him to the Senate.

Janiece Mistich


I would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Falconer for helping me straighten out a terribly mixed up issue with the DMV. Months of our own efforts with no results and 15 minutes of his time and the issue is resolved! So glad he was willing to help!!!

Keith Shuford


I have known Representative Falconer for more than forty years and through that time he has continuously gravitated to positions of leadership. Reid has a natural leadership ability that has been a part of his countenance beginning at an early age. Individuals, and even individuals in groups, know that if you want something completed it is best to have Reid involved. That was common knowledge even during his High School years.


His life has been one of service. Service to his God, to his Nation, his family and his State. As I have been honored to call Rep. Reid Falconer a friend, it’s most important that the people of the State of Louisiana know they have a lifelong friend in him.

Dr. Sam D. Cappel

Professor of Management, SELU

Reid taught Finance at Southeastern Louisiana University and was an excellent Instructor, and a trusted colleague. I can think of no other individual I would trust more as my State Senator than Reid Falconer.


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