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Dec. 12, 2018

LCCM Announces Seven Early 2019 Endorsements

Begins Plan for Conservative Senate and Solidifying Conservative House

BATON ROUGE, LA - The Louisiana Committee for a Conservative Majority (LCCM) announces its initial list of endorsements going into next year’s special and fall elections.

State Representative Cameron Henry, Senate District 9

State Representative Kirk Talbot, Senate District 10

State Representative Reid Falconer, Senate District 11

Businessman Michael Fesi, Senate District 20

Chris Turner, House District 12

Mike Johnson, House District 27

Tammi Fabre, House District 18

Today’s endorsements will build on LCCM’s past decade of wins, including recent victories in house district 42 (John Stefanski) and house district 8 (Raymond Crews). LCCM also launched a successful independent expenditure campaign that submarined a surging liberal in house district 77, which led to a conservative-on-conservative runoff and eventually the election of Mark Wright.

LCCM was formed in 2006 with the goal of building strong conservative majorities in both chambers of the Louisiana State Legislature. Before LCCM’s existence, the legislature was composed of only 38 percent Republicans. Today, Republicans hold solid majorities in both chambers.

In 2007, the goal was simple. Begin the process of building Republican majorities in the Louisiana House of Representatives and the state Senate. Today, the goal is more complex. No longer is the end game about party gains, instead it is about policy gains and electing conservatives to the Louisiana legislature.

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